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"If you have not chosen the Kingdom of God, it will make in the end no difference what you have chosen instead" 
CS Lewis

"Ball of Fire Rolls into the Marketplace
September 19, 2003

Into the marketplace I see a ball of fire rolling into the marketplace.  God is releasing ministry and might into the marketplace.  Men have been strategically placed and now God will reveal the wisdom of that placement.  Why? Why? Why? the call has went out from some.  They have not understood my ways or my timing some have even become disgruntled and frustrated by being put on the back burner and having to work secular jobs.  But surely this is the time of Making this is the time of understanding. I have placed you.  Now, I will make you - "Strategic leadership" to bring strategic change to the economy of my people - Natural ventures to support Kingdom purposes.  As I see the ball of fire roll in .. I see flames begin to spring up and names begin to spring up.  People that have been obscure are suddenly aware of the wisdom of their placement. 


And into the regions of darkness I am casting my net.  For this is the hour of the coming forth of my prophets .. Uncompromising, nonconformist . will shake and quake the land.  I have held you back and have even allowed hurts to hinder you to preserve you. The hurts have driven you back into the recesses of society but I am hunting you now. For in this hour I cast a net for the uncompromisingly righteous and those that have been settled inside with steel.  For the land has grown desolate and the mockers have grown vile and those that have strategized for the over throw of the morale and heart of my church have not understood my plan.  In this hour I will bring forth a people even a nation with in the nation that has been hidden away for this hour.  These are those that will even die for my gospel and the ways of my word.  Such a standard of might will be established that the influence and power thereof shall not be quenched not by the nay sayers .. not by the mockers ..and not by the atheistic, humanistic leaders that have found their way into prominence.  For in the hour ahead my leaders shall come forth as the "Baptist" did in the days of My Son and multitudes will be swept into the Kingdom. 


This hour has been called to bring an end to the mocking of the enemy.  For he has thought to drive you into caves and make you slaves of your own ways.  And yet my Kingdom seed is there... working..striving..changing..troubling you.  You cannot go on..  No you will not go on this way.  For the land is awaiting the sound of your voice.  Yes the earth is anticipating the crying out of your voices.  I have made you light and now is the time to shine.  This is not the time to recline.  This is the time to put your hand to the plow.  I have broken some . I have shattered some.. But this is the time of the repairing and calling for a coming together.  One of you may be defeated but the many will not be defeated.  I am ready to release a manifestation of might that shall make the doubter and unbelievers ears red with the foolishness of their lives.  For with this manifestation of might shall come mighty repentance and a crying out of the people for the land.  Thousands on their knees crying out for justice, for righteousness, for Me.  And I will hear . and I will answer. and I will sweep away the godless plans and the godless stands of man. 


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