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"If you have not chosen the Kingdom of God, it will make in the end no difference what you have chosen instead" 
CS Lewis

Son of man, can these bones live? 
He said unto me, Prophesy upon these bones

Financial Fountains Established

The process of Ezekiel 37 will continue.  The Prophetic voice must continue to cry out the purpose of the Father and the rest will come to pass.

There will be CLOSURE - Resolution, End, Finish, Conclusion, Finality
Some closure will simply happen while God will require closure in other areas.  Some things that have hindered our kingdom purpose will simply be dealt with through a natural course of events.  While other hindrances must be dealt with by head on, deliberate, aggressive, decisive action. 

We must come to grips with our destiny.  There is an appeal and urgency for us to step into our Kingdom roles.  I'm not talking about pulpit ministry.  This will be marketplace ministry.  Where the gifts of the Church are released to address and restore needy, desperate humanity.

There will be a loosening of the purse strings to the faithful - a relief of financial pressure - a multiplying of seed for sowing.  Almost like the bursting forth of a dam.  The Lord is really going to establish powerful financial fountains that shall supply Kingdom plans, schemes, and purposes.  There will be a continuation and an acceleration of Kingdom activity and a need for abundant resource.  Investing in natural expressions (buildings, lands, stuff) will be hollow with short-lived affect. Kingdom resources will be channeled as an investment into Kingdom lives. Those who carry the Kingdom seed must simply be sought out and funded and founded by support.  Through the obedience of those that have charge of financial fountains the superstructure of the Mysterious Organic Church will become apparent and there will be great increase in the influence and authority of Governmental gifts.  Lack will be a bit to turn heads and hearts back to the Lord.  While some will become conduits of blessings.  Others will become stagnant through disobedience and heaping to themselves in lavish, excessive lifestyles. 

While there is increase in resource and influence there needs to be diligence in the stewardship of our spiritual man.  While there is increase there will be a tendency to collapse into a profile of negligence concerning nurturing our relationship with the Lord.  If we fail to heed this warning we will be drawn away and trapped by dominant passions of our own souls.

While facing challenge after challenge there will be a quiet assurance and confidence about the outcome.  Pressure, weight, hardness will be windows of insight into our own level of maturity.  If we maintain our spiritual lot and continue to have faith in His faithfulness we shall - become hardened to adversity while not becoming hardened in life, out of the hard shall come the sweet, and out of the impossible will spring forth new beginnings and great victories.  Some of which shall only be fully realized when we see His face.

Our love must be deepened and widened.  This will not be the love of convenience or self-gratification.  For much of the Church has learned to live in shallow, fallow relationships.  It is imperative to stretch in new areas of commitment and sacrifice.

Finally, We are to become more postured in expectation of the visitation of the Lord.  For He will respond to the hungry.  He will supply where there is a needy desperate cry and He will visit those that make room.

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