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"If you have not chosen the Kingdom of God, it will make in the end no difference what you have chosen instead" 
CS Lewis

 Warning To The Prophets 

Prophets!!   What is siphoning off the strength of your gift?  Could it be the devil has bated you into a vain crusade to distract you in fruitless pursuits.  The enemy is a master of tempting us into one more day of spending our energies in a project that doesn’t have the purpose of God on it.  The devil will provoke the prophets to turn their heads from the Fathers intention.  The provocations seem reasonable and the crusades seem right.  However, its appeal is to your soulish man.  Satan knows you are a fighter so he will stir you up with a fight that isn’t in the Fathers plan for you.  Even a good fight is an exercise in vanity when it isn’t birthed by the Holy Spirit.   It becomes simply, a distraction from the purposes of God.  A powerful weapon may lose some or all of its effectiveness through the slightess misdirection. 

Prophets, you must deal with the neediness in your lives for acceptance.  If not you will be snared by either flattery and provision or anger and a spirit of rejection.  You are the mouth piece of God.  You must speak for Him only.  Get your head out of your self and your needs.  Payday will come in His Soveriegn Presence.   

The “church” has many charmers in it pulling and drawing men to themselves and not to the purposes of God.  A cage though built with golden wire is still a cage.  How much longer will you give yourselves to visions that are vain.  How much longer will you compromise and prop up the vain thing? The Lord hasn’t called you as the mouthpiece of political agendas.  He hasn’t called you as the puppets of powerful earth kings.  He hasn’t called you to the battlefields that satifies your need to fight.  He has called you to Him.  He has called you to speak what He speaks.  He has called you to represent Him.  Only!!!

The enemy is a power monger.  He wants to control your fire even if he takes minimal loses.  His purpose is misdirection.  He will keep you busy swinging at shadows rather than speaking for your Father.  You must clear the field by repenting and discontinuing the present course.  You must judge the pursuits of your life.  Your days are numbered and your breaths.  Turn your energy to the Father and the consideration of this matter.  Then you will be a mouthpiece of honor in the house of your Lord.  You will see eternal things and presently, declare decrees that bring forth direction for future things.  Scrolls of direction, correction, instruction, and pupose are awating you.  Strategies that will forward the Church are waiting to be revealed.   You must take this serious.  For you are the mouthpiece of the King of Kings.       

 I love you, Prophets

Bro Cleve


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