“Thoughts on 2007”

1.     This is a season that we must tend the “fire of His presence”.  Worship, prayer, and magnifying Him come to my spirit immediately.  Much of the “worship” in the body of Christ has become associated solely with certain kinds of music, musical styles, or mystical tones.  We’ve let personal preference (what I like) become our agenda.  The body of Christ is full of offenses because of this.  We destroy the unity of the brotherhood by nurturing this self-centeredness. We must prefer one another in love, covering and recovering one another by mercy. The sound that turns the Fathers head is real love for one another in action.  True worship is the countless expressions of adoration pouring from our hearts to our “Father”.  So, come brothers, let us hold to one another as we commune our love for Him.  For in loving and preferring each other we “do as He did for us” and so we fulfill the “Royal Law”!

2.     I sense there will be a death of some things that have been dear.  These have been places of great expectation.  These were seeds that have been nurtured and at one time brought much hope.  Many of these things were God’s will for the season but now it is the end of it.   For a time it is ok to mourn.  Then put it away from you  ….  Don’t allow the trauma of the transition to hold sway over you.  Just as Nazareth to Christ, his father’s sheepfold to David, the faithful brook and birds were to Elijah even so it is the end of a season.  It’s time to go beyond the known and familiar to the unknown and unfamiliar.  The Lord said to me in my distress, “Don’t you know son this is the time I have prepared you for.  Now you must come forth!

3.     There are some things that seemed lost to us … that will absolutely be recovered.  The joy of these things will be as an old and dear friend.  Some of these recovered things will be sweeter than we ever remembered.  In recovered relationships there will be pleasant surprises in unexpected ways.

4.     Some of the clearest words of life and direction will come from the smallest mouths.  So, listen up.

5.     The entrenched assignments of the enemy are meant to slow or stop our progress.  The barrage of the enemy is sent to crush us.  Yet the Father is faithful to expose the hidden and entrenched things.  He will yet bring an end to the barrage and …. He will use these seasons to be our schoolmaster in “Kingdom Life”.  For it’s not how we handle our friend but how we handle our enemy that declares whose we are.

6.     There is a wisdom resident in the spirit of other believers.  This wisdom is a fountain of God and yet it is mysterious and even for the most part hidden to the vessel that retains it.  By the bucket of sincere love, selflessly preferring one another, and true sharing of Spirit life we may draw that wisdom out.  The mystery of the wisdom of God within the vessel truly can be tapped.  Then it can bring help to us in the overall plan of God. So take the time to commune (icate) one another in the Lord.  For as we share what we have seen and handled in our relationships with Jesus our fellowship leaves the earth and is found in the hall of the heavenly.

7.     We will continue to flounder for the answers to direction, administration, and healing of the Church if we continue to relate to one another just by gifting or by territory.  Ordained “Kingdom” relationships must be recognized, nurtured, and protected.  We must humbly come together in real relationship.   Then we can draw the “manifold wisdom of God” out of the collective.  I sense that corporate direction must come from corporate wisdom.  I believe the Lord is restraining corporate wisdom because we refuse to receive and join our hearts to one another.  I believe He is restraining “wisdom” because we cast aside relationship like yesterdays news.  I believe the Lord is forcing us to transparent, sincere, deep love for one another.  When we come together, He has promised to be among us.  As we humble ourselves before the sovereign head of the Church “Jesus” and cry out corporately, He will instruct us in corporate direction.  We can draw wisdom out of the body of Christ as we “minister to the Lord” in unity.  Most of the time we cannot get in or stay in unity long enough to receive the power or answers we need.  I believe this is about to change. PTL

8.     Finally, Kingdom minded believers will not be able to relate to God as we want Him to be.  We must relate to Him as He is.



Bro Cleve