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Cleve Sharp 

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"If you have not chosen the Kingdom of God, it will make in the end no difference what you have chosen instead" 
CS Lewis

 The Journey 
Thursday, November 04 2010

What am I to do?  I have been called into my place by the “King”.  The task is beyond the scope of my experience.  The need is immense and without change the land will sink further into the darkness.  What can I do? The inadequacy and failure of my own humanity is yelling, “You can’t deal with this”.  The robe of authority I have received is tattered and worn.  My shoulders are stooped by my shame and the failures of the fathers.  As the reality of insufficiency sinks in, I begin to tremble uncontrollably as though hyperthermia has set in.  The accusations have teeth…… because of the vice within me.    

Suddenly, I hear a voice.  It cuts the air and seems to touch even the marrow of my bones. “SILENCE SATAN!!!!!  THIS IS A CHOSEN ONE…. THAT I HAVE PLUCKED FROM THE FIRE” The accusers mouth is fastened shut. “Put a new robe on him”.   His servants rush to my side and strip the old away.  “I REMOVE YOUR SIN AND SHAME …. NOW!!!!”  The words echo everywhere.  My arms are lifted and the new slips easily on, tailored to my body and station. “ IF YOU DO THINGS MY WAY AND SERVE FAITHFULLY… I WILL EMPOWER YOU to stand before me as other great ones”.  Suddenly, I sense confidence and authority surging into me to accomplish the work.  Courage fills me like an early winters morning would fill my chest.  All excuses and doubtful reasoning’s are baseless now.  All I have to do is open my mouth and administrate His will. 

There is no fix apart from the sovereign work of the “Most High”.  However, God has chosen to co labor with man.  What is our part in this partnership?  Can we provoke a response from Heaven?  

The earth isn’t waiting on heaven.  Heaven is waiting on the Ecclesia that is presently serving the term of their lives.  Whatever we bind on Earth will be bound in heaven.  Whatever we loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.  The Lord gave us the keys.  The authority to loose heaven on earth has been given to us.  

This will not happen by accident.  It will happen only when we have set aside other things and come to the Lord.  The passion for His presence must exceed all else.   The burden of our needs must be replaced by our need of Him.  Our desire for Him must shut down the accusation and criticism of others.  Our minds must turn from ourselves to Him.  The traffic and trivia of our minds must be silenced.  Come now brethren….. let us draw near our Lord.   

God is well versed in the shortcomings of His creature, man.  Remember, He is the “Master … man maker”.  Every item of sin, failure, inadequacy, insecurity, etc can be resolved in Him.  Things that you have been unable or even unwilling to deal with, will be dealt with in His presence.  There is confidence that is born in His presence.  Not the swagger of self assurance but the absolutism of knowing secret things.  The reason the miraculous doesn’t flow is because we don’t know Him.  Those that “know Him” will be strong and do exploits.  Strength and exploits come from knowing Him. 

I love you Church,
Bro Cleve 

PS.  Paragraphs 1-2 is based on Zechariah 3


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