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"If you have not chosen the Kingdom of God, it will make in the end no difference what you have chosen instead" 
CS Lewis

 The Journey 
Monday, December 21 2009
Nobody ever left mamas table hungry

This evening she had fried venison, prepared purple hull peas, mashed potatoes, gravy, and cat head size biscuits,

Visitors were at our table almost nightly, this was no exception

Dad turned thanks and we dug in

We ate and laughed then finished the biscuits off with cane syrup and sour cream

Later a couple a neighborhood boys came by

They told John and I that Santa had been seen heading our way, pointing to the northern sky,

We stood in the freezing cold till our small hands grew numb

Our eyes became blurred from searching and squinting at the starlit sky,

After what seemed forever we went inside and warmed by the pot bellied heater

Dad told some hunting stories as we sat on the floor

We strung popcorn together to go on the Charlie Brown Christmas tree Dad had cut

We kept watching the door thinking Santa might burst through any moment

As the evening drew long

We drank some cocoa and our company left

Dad read the story of Jesus birth

We sang “Silent Night”

Mama sat out a saucer of cookies and some milk for Santa,

Then it was time for bed,

I was too excited to sleep,

I lay there under piles and piles of quilts thinking what the morning would bring,

Somewhere in the night I dozed

It was still early when my eyes popped open

The house was dark and still

I slipped my feet from the covers

I winced as they touched the ice cold floor

And shivered as I went to the other room

I approached the milk and cookies to see if Santa had come by

One was gone the other a bite taken, the milk only half gone

My heart was pounding as I looked under the tree

I wondered what Santa had left for me,

A pair of cap pistols, a package of green army men, a fruit and nuts in my stocking

Puzzled I thought, Santa must not have gotten my letter.


Through the years we’ve had to hand make our gifts,

There were times of leanness and others of plenty,


But nothing is better on Christmas:

Than a home cooked meal around mamas table set with love

Than a moment of Daddy’s earnest thanks

Than a visitor enjoying our bounty as though they were part of us

Than popcorn, cocoa, the cookies and milk of hope

Than excited anticipating hearts

Than children still filled with the wonder and hope of life

Than a family full of siblings, laughter and stories by the fire


Santa hasn’t always gotten me what I’ve wanted

However, the Lord has always met my needs

He showed up when I couldn’t save myself and gave His life for me

He’s forgiven my transgressions

He delivered me from my iniquities

He’s given me a wonderful wife, children, and grandchildren,

He answers my prayers!


Thank you Lord for our family and our friends

For your goodness to us through the year

Thank you for those watching from heaven

And for the additions and babies you’ve given us,

Keep us all in the year to come

Bless you for the gift of your son



Merry Christmas to all!!!

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