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"If you have not chosen the Kingdom of God, it will make in the end no difference what you have chosen instead" 
CS Lewis

A Season of Examination

This Season for the Church
I believe we are entering a time when young believers must rub shoulders with those that know and walk with the Lord. I believe our conduct with our wives and children (the care of each other, love demonstrated, and joy of relationship) are going to be the primary catalyst and the foundation for other righteous homes. Oh, I’m not talking about preachy stuff. I’m talking about being real with our lives and salty.   Jesus said, “Touch me and handle me a spirit hath not flesh and bone”. I don’t believe in the spooky spiritual. I believe believers need to touch the life of others that walk and commune with the Lord. John said, the things he had seen, heard, and handled of the Lord Jesus he was sharing with the church so the Church could have Communion with him. And they all could have communion with the Father and Son.   I believe it is time we share what we have heard, seen, and handled of the Lamb of God. I think it’s time people “touch Him through us and handle Him through us”. 
A Season of Examination
I believe we are entering a season of the examination of our stewardship, a time of reward and reckoning. The “fruitfully faithful” will receive the double and more. When we think of the faithful we are normally referring to those who have simply maintained “church attendance, tithing, being on time, etc”. However in the parable of the talents the servants were required to be “fruitfully faithful”. Productivity wasn’t an option. Those that fearfully maintained only what they had been given were called wicked and slothful, were stripped, and cast out.  
A Time of Stepping Up
I believe this is the time of stepping up and fearlessly embracing the destiny which the Lord has called us to. I am not talking about running out into the streets randomly to fulfill a religious ideal. I am talking about having our ears tuned to the heart of the Lord and living our lives in obedience to what he reveals. 
 A Time Of Legislating The Kingdom By ……..

We are strategic plants in time. We are born for this season with whatever challenges, adversity, or problems. We are born again to carry the nature and attributes of our Father God throughout the earth.   We are set in time to legislate the government of “His Kingdom” in the earth. All the creation is groaning for us to “grow up” so we can take over and bring an end to the tyranny of satan in the lives of all those we come in contact with. 
Time to Minister to the Lord!
This is a season of “Ministering to the Lord” first. Priests of “Melchizedek” rise up and minister your love to the Lord through your praise, worship, adoration, and obedience. Draw near and He will!!!!!!!!   The quote of a young believe was “I know I’m suppose to love the Lord but I don’t know if I do”. We often have the theology of Loving God but don’t often practice ministering our Love to Him. My grand children shower their affections on me. They draw me pictures, they put their heads on my shoulder, they  seek my approval, and they will reach up and turn my head to them so I will look at them.   They want my time and attention. Ah, but they are little. How sad it is to watch a parents’ hearts break when their children no longer seek out or desire their fellowship. 
 Time to Attend Relationship 

Busyness is the great destroyer of all kinds of relationships including spiritual. Have we gotten to busy with life to go aside into the mountain to pray? Yet the Lord did it very often. Our Lord Jesus sought His Father out continually. His ears and eyes were trained on Him. His life was filled with obedience to the revealed will of the Father. Why do we think we can survive or thrive spiritually without following this pattern?   
 A Time of Vision
I was confronted last year about having a dream for the church that was beyond where we are. It was an accusation that I was always pushing for something just beyond our grasp. ................... Well let me be clear, I had rather die believing for the glorious Church without spot or blemish than to live my life chained to the mediocrity of religion. I believe we are suppose to rule in life through Christ. We are more than conquerors not in just a metaphoric sense. We must not settle for the constraints of religious despots that serve themselves. We must press into the fullness of the purpose of God for each of our lives, which begin with growing up into Christ in all things. Then as Christ manifests His life in us and through us we are to destroy the works of the enemy and administrate the purposes of our Father in the earth.   May the Lord fill our hearts with hope, dreams, and revelation of His present purpose.

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