Everything God does in the earth is done relationally.

Cleve Sharp

A relationship with an apostle is a covenant relationship created by God. The relationship is discovered, not chosen. God puts those in the body as He wills.  We discover who we are related to as we pursue the government of God for our lives. 

Apostles represent fatherhood and/or accountability.  They are “helpers of our joy” to the Church.  They do not take dominion over the faith of the saints.  Their authority is a building authority.  Apostles are troubleshooters and patterns to the Church.  Apostles, lay foundation and are part of the foundation of the Church.  They bring structure and stability to the Church.   In order to receive an apostle you must receive the man also.  The man and the gift come in one package.


Relating to an apostle is:

I.  A Spiritual Relationship

Birthed by God – this isn’t about likes or dislikes this is about the purpose of God.  Who has God joined you to?

Exchange of Spiritual Fire - When rightly joined there is an “exchange of spiritual fire” and an impartation of Spirit life.

Communication of the Living Way - The work of an Apostle is not just an impartation of  doctrine – it is the communication of the Living Way of Jesus through their lives, character, and words

II. A Relational Covenant:

To Communicate – when an apostolic joint is developed it is relational and there is ongoing communication and care both ways.  If an “apostle” will not communicate with you the relationship is not right.

To Fellowship – heart to heart sharing is a sure indicator of this relationship being right.  These are exchanges in transparency and truth.  Without transparency and truth there is no need in relating to an Apostle.  The hidden life will continue unchanged.  Only by bringing things into the light can we be free. 

An Intimacy – there is a sense of family in apostolic relationships creating confidence and closeness even though miles apart.  When you come together there is joy and a sense of taking up where you left off. 

An Accountability – there is correction, protection, and covering in the relationship.  Apostles will speak into hard matters of life as you submit them to them.  True apostles will not dominate and control you. However, they will confront you with what you need to hear and do to help you become all Jesus has ordained for you to be.

III. A Practical Connection

Reachable – Apostles of the Lord are accessible.  They are not hidden behind bodyguards, secretaries, or answering services to preserve their privacy.   They are faithful to reach for and back to covenant Brothers in order to stay in touch and help. 

Touchable – True apostles understand the humanity of others and are real in relationship.  As the Lord told His disciples, “Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have.” 

Transparent – it is important that these relationships be honest and open.  An apostle’s life and experiences, good and bad, personally and corporately become elements of communicating the way of the Lord.  Victories and scars are teaching tools of apostles. 

IV. A Financial Commitment

Tithe - Apostles should be supported by the tithe of those to whom he gives direct oversight.  Direct oversight is ongoing spiritual communication, instruction, input, correction, and care as a spiritual father or as spiritual authority.  Note/fact:  As time goes by “spiritual fathers” die.  On occasion relationships of this order may become unfruitful because of illness or fail because of sin.  Regardless of illness, sin, or death there is still a need for “spiritual authority” in our lives. And God has placed someone in the earth to help you.   The relationship is governmental and primary among our Kingdom relationships.

Tithe of the Tithe - Apostles can be looked at as the “arrows of the Lord” and supported by the tithe of the tithe of the fellowships/churches he works with.  In order for there to be the ongoing advancement of the work of an apostle there must be the ongoing financial participation of those who believe in that apostle’s work and life.

Donations and Offerings – Part of the support of apostles should come through donations and offerings.  All fellowships should be faithful to bless apostles with whatever they can.

Eternal Rewards - When you support the work of the Lord through an apostle you enter in to the fruit of their labors.  Your money represents your time and labor therefore it represents your life.  As you give your money you are giving your life to forward the work of the Lord.  God adds the “Apostolic work” to your account as you give your support.  Your participation will bring blessings to you and your family on earth and an eternal reward when standing before our Lord Jesus Christ.



Relating to an Apostle