“Make Me a Little Cake”
             Cleve J. Sharp Sr.

As we began to end our phone conversation I said, “I love you Brother.  I really appreciate you.”  “Do you love me?  Do you appreciate me?” The old prophet responded.  “Yes, sir”, I thought, I just said that.  “Then Make Me a Little Cake, son”.  His words went off in my heart.  For a couple years this prophet had been speaking into my life.  Oh, he wasn’t part of the crowd that I hung around or even worshiped with.  He wasn’t part of the “church” where I attended.  Yet, my connection with him was clear.  Again and again he has spoken strategically into my life.   His words had shifted my direction, clarified things, spurred me, provoked me at times, and comforted my heart.    His obedience, sensitivity to the Lord, and willingness to be available to me, has brought pivotal change in my life.  When I want to make a move or face major decisions, I want his input.  This is undeniably a “Kingdom connection” and yet I had never sent any support to help him. 

Sometimes we have “Kingdom connections” within our “churches”.  However, beyond the walls of our buildings, beyond the group we sit with on Sunday, there are those that are spiritually linked to us by God.   We have a “Kingdom Joint” with them.  Kingdom joints are relationships that produce the fire of spiritual life.  The way these joints work is by the articulation/communication of the members.   Some relationships are lateral bringing encouragement and friendship.  However some relationships are governmental.  It is one thing to set in conference and communication with a pier in the spirit.  It is another to encounter and nurture a governmental link.   A governmental relationship will affect direction, influence judgment, and motivate/empower us spiritually.  There will be a level of “Life impact” in these relationships that is extraordinary. 

Now the words, “Make Me a Little Cake, son” come back to me.  These words I knew were the words of the prophet Elijah.  They were spoken to the widow of Zeraphath.  There was great famine in the land because of the idolatry of Jezebel and the wickedness of Ahab.  Elijah had been sustained by food from ravens up until this point by the brook Cherith. The brook had dried up and the ravens quit coming.  So Elijah was sent by God to the city where the widow lived.  This widow was gathering a few sticks to build a fire for her last meal.  She was resolved to eat this last little food with her son and then DIE.  The old prophet asked her for some water and as she was going he asked again, “Please bring me a morsel of bread in your hand.”   Well she turned to put the old prophet straight concerning her situation, “I only have a handful of flour and a little oil in a jar.”     The audacious old prophet asked her, “Make me a little cake first”.  Then he gave her a promise.  1 Kings 17:14 - 16 (NKJV) 14For thus says the Lord God of Israel: ‘The bin of flour shall not be used up, nor shall the jar of oil run dry, until the day the Lord sends rain on the earth.’” 15So she went away and did according to the word of Elijah; and she and he and her household ate for many days. 16The bin of flour was not used up, nor did the jar of oil run dry, according to the word of the Lord which He spoke by Elijah.   

My life has continually been strengthened, directed, and impacted by the influence of “Kingdom Governmental Joints”.  What is my responsibility to those relationships?  “Make Me a Little Cake, son” the word resounds.   It seems easy to walk away from an encounter that brings “Life impacting Kingdom influence” and appreciate it but just, “DO NOTHING ELSE”. 

I sat with a leader the other day.  He looked a bit weary.  As we communicated he mentioned the previous days of counsel and care he had given to person after person.  Then he asked me, “Where is the provision to sustain our lives, in all this work?”  Because his ministry is outside the “box” so to speak, he isn’t sustained by regular income of the ‘church’.  This wasn’t a critical statement but it held some discouragement.  I could have said, “Well you need to trust the Lord”.  However I know this brother trusts the Lord.  What is the solution?  Those that are ministered to need to, “Make a Little Cake” for him. 

Our concept of “church” has to go beyond the walls of our buildings.  The Church is an organism of relational members.  Those relationships are defined by “spiritual life impact” not just weekly congregational attendance.  I believe we must see and recognize when God has given us a Strategic Governmental Relationship. Then we must show our appreciation by getting financially involved.  Yes we need to give the tithe of our income and some offerings of support. Where should they go?  Into the lives of those God has related us to Strategically/Governmentally. 

It takes money to do anything in this life.  How will God’s leaders continue to do, without our help?  There is plenty of work to be done.  Yet many times there are no resources to see the work accomplished.  Therefore the work is stopped. 

There are doors of ministry available to me not just the whim of my ambition but places of great spiritual darkness and need.  How will I be able to go?  Through the faithful financial support of those that continue to see the value of what I do.   

When my wife was recently hospitalized I was asked probably 30 times, “Brother, is there anything that I can do for you?”  There were obviously needs.  Finally, I told one brother, “Yes, as a matter of fact I could use the money you called me about the other day”.  He brought it to me and I was able to get some food and other things.  PTL and thank you brother.  I told someone else, “Yes, my house needs cleaning.  Could you do that?”  They did it.  PTL and thank you sister my wife returned from the hospital to a clean house.  Someone else washed our clothes.  PTL and thank you sister.  Not all help is financial but all help represents some life sacrifice.  Our Father God sees it all, notes it all, and will reward us accordingly.   

I know these words may seem audacious of me.  However, I believe this is going to be a financially sustaining word in the days ahead.  We face difficult times and yet God has a plan to save us.  God our Father will sustain us and keep us in time of famine or distress.  He will provide for us and one of the strategies is, “MAKE A LITTLE CAKE FIRST” and be faithful to give it.   DO SOMETHING, LEST YOU DO NOTHING.

I Love You Church, 

Bro Cleve